Giancarlo Barone

Chief Executive Officer

Giancarlo Barone is the CEO of Futurum Capital. He has over 25 years of experience in the areas of advertising and production of content and films, startups and technology. During his years working in these industries he managed to hold a world record in the Guinness book and two Latin Grammy nominations. In addition, he has won national and international advertising awards such as Leão de Cannes, One Show, LIA, Clio, New York Festival, El Ojo among others. Giancarlo with all his experiences working in different industries, the desire to undertake and innovate, and together with the other partners founded Futurum Capital. Given his extensive experience, Giancarlo collaborates with the co-founders to lead Futurum and develop projects of innovation and technology.

Guga Stocco

Chief Visionary Officer 

Guga Stocco is our Chief Visionary Officer, with over 20 years of experience in creating Digital Business and Digital Transformation. Guga is a intelectual, graduated in Business Administration from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – FAAP, holds an MBA in Management from Insper; has a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management from FAAP and has a Marketing certificate from Berkeley, University of California. With all these experiences, he was responsible for successful projects in different areas such as Banco Digital (Banco Original), Venture Capital (Domo Invest), Mobile and E-commerce (Buscapé), Internet Platforms (Microsoft) and Advertising (TeRespondo ). Together with Futurum Capital, Guga wants to build new business models, and create a new, a different and a better future for everyone, and companies that will be protagonists of this very near future.

Fabio Fakri

Chief Business Development Officer

Fábio Fakri is the co-founder and CBDO of Futurum Capital. Fábio was born in São Paulo, moved to Londrina to work with Fernando and Sorocaba a few years after graduating from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He spent more than a decade in the artistic career space, managed great names of country music such as Fernando and Sorocaba, Luan Santana, Lucas Lucco, Marcos Belutti, among others. It was during his years as a partner in one of the largest music career management offices in Latin America, FS Produções Artísticas, that he and the other founders came up with the idea of a new venture capital model, and founded Futurum Capital.

Eduardo Zaidan

Chief Operacional and Financial Officer  

As CFO of Futurum Capital, Eduardo Zaidan is responsible for raising capital, cash flow, strategic partnerships, among many other responsibilities. In addition, he creates business plans and analyzes financially Futurum’s investments. Eduardo has a degree in economics and an MBA in finance from Insper. He has over 20 years of experience, he started his career at a very early age. At 14 years old he started his first company, later he worked as CEO and CFO of national and multinational companies in different sectors. During his years working in large companies, he met people with similar goals: to provide infrastructure for entrepreneurs and help them get their fantastic ideas off the ground. Together with the co-founders, and this dream of helping entrepreneurs, Futurum Capital was born.